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Best $12 Bucks I’ve Spent

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About a year ago I went into the local used camera store.  Specifically with the intention of picking up a  non-working camera.  For just $12 bucks I was the proud owner of a twin lens Argus 40.   Broken and mechanically about as useful as a paperweight… until the addition of a tube and some gaff tape.

Through the Viewfinder CameraThe idea being that the ground glass is the only component that really matters.  A digital camera with a macro lens is used to take a picture down the tube.  It deliberately looks like a copy of a copy.  Called Through the Viewfinder (TTV) photography, it’s quite popular with the Flickr community.  And those folks might just be on to something.

Because lets face it… even though you have a Lamborghini in the garage, sometimes you just want to take out the VW Bug.  Feel the imperfections of the road.  Crank down the window by the handle, not just push a plastic button.  Rejoice in simplicity.   Savor a little bit being out of focus.  Give serendipity the opportunity to stop by and say hello.Volkswagon Bug


Written by Spelman

10/15/2009 at 10:25 pm

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