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Basics of Digital Photography Class

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Finished up the Basics of Digital Photography class yesterday.  I told these guys to come well rested for their week because it would be intense… and it’s a good thing they did.  We started the week exploring the technical and everyone shot the week in manual mode.  But as the week progressed the technical took a back seat to the aesthetics and heart that go into a thoughtful image.

I would make a motion that none of these photographers are beginners any longer.  They all got it; that poignant imagery is about what a subject feels like more than what it looks like.

Workshops are a study in group dynamics – we all are so used to doing our art in a self-contained bubble, it truly is amazing to see what can happen when we all play and push and struggle together.

Memphis Barbree was my stellar Course Coordinator for the week.  She has some stunning black & white landscape work that can be viewed on her site.  Give it a look…


Right Brain Buzz

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Getting ready to meet a new class at the Santa Fe Workshops tonight.  That place buzzes with an intensity that’s hard to find in regular life.  An assortment of people come together and decide to eat, sleep and breath image-making and the creative process.  It’s incredible to see what that level of focus can produce:  usually some serious smoke out of the right side of the brain.

I recently heard about another Workshop that promises to be stellar.  Renie Haiduk and Eddie Soloway have decided to take their teaching skills to Africa this May.  Neither of these photographers are what would be considered traditional wildlife photographers  – which is exactly what makes this workshop such an interesting concept.   Africa is a place pulsing with universal themes and rawness.  I would bet Renie and Eddie help their participants capture the untamed feeling of the Serengeti in a more unqiue and personal way than it traditionally has been.  You can find more information on their workshop here.

Here we go…

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Today is my 30th birthday.  Birthdays are interesting occurrences – they’re almost like New Year’s, but just for you.  A time for reflection and evaluation.  This morning I found myself taking a personal inventory, thinking “I still don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet, but I am getting pretty decent at parallel parking.” By 30 it’s pretty much established whether you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the top or the bottom.  How you feel about meatloaf is finally settled.

The first thirty were about training. Acquiring some experience and establishing some convictions.  The next thirty are for action.  The pieces are set, now its time to play.  Just you, a looming game board and that intimidating figure known as “Your Existence”

Time to start focusing my photography.  Begin trying to tell the stories of our times.  Attempt images that speak to the rational and the irrational; that appeal both to mind and to heart.

I firmly believe in the ability for images to impact change.  Photography is all about creating an emotional reaction in the viewer. Composing highlights, shadows and midtones into a message.  Hopefully a message with an edge.

Lots to do.

But luckily that all starts tomorrow and today is one of good friends and family.  Thanks to everyone who made this day feel incredibly special, it will go down as one of the best birthdays I can remember.