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Social Media in Photographic Marketing

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Last weekend I attended a lecture by Rob Haggart (author of the blog, A Photo Editor)  in Santa Fe.  He discussed two topics that are foremost on many photographer’s minds these days:

– how to get work in a difficult photographic market

– how to adapt traditional marketing techniques into a structure that incorporates social media.

Rob talked about the value of a cohesive marketing plan that incorporates traditional media and social media. He stated that, “traditional media represents a 1 to many relationship, while social media represents a many to many relationship.”

That pretty much sums up the power of social media. Create a solid enough network and your message and photographic brand will begin to spread on their own merits, all while you sit back with a Heininken and watch the retweets.  Everyone’s creativity is given equal footing within the arena of public opinion – garner enough excitement about what you have created and the people interested in it will become your personal PR army.

Haggart also played a You Tube, called Social Media Revolution made by Eric Qualman that was an excellent look into where our lives in conjunction with social media are headed.  This line stayed with me from the video “We no longer search for the news, the news finds us.”

Social media is here to stay – the wise photographer will consider it to be as necessary in their photographic arsenal as their prized 50mm 1.4 lens.  See you around the new playground…